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Cade: The Tortured Crossing

Apart from stock footage inserts, there isn’t a single scene in Cade: The Tortured Crossing that isn’t shot on green screen, and I kind of hope Neil Breen stays with that approach in future films. The 7th Guest aesthetic really works for him.

He does look more at home, though (to the extent that he ever looks at home anywhere), in the suburban Las Vegas locations he’s traditionally used than the alternately lavish and decayed locales seen here. So maybe the ultimate Neil Breen film composites his characters into those more banal Nevada settings via green screen, despite those locations’ availability to him in real life.

That said, there’s a sense that Breen might be getting too good at this. The callbacks to previous films have a whiff of fan service to them, and while those conspicuously static green screen shots aren’t going to fool anyone, they’re still much more impressively executed than any he’s done before. And Cade is, pound for pound, probably the most conventionally entertaining film he’s made to date.

This is not to say it would ever come anywhere near a multiplex; thankfully his writing and editing remain as incoherent as ever, and while Cade’s fight and dance sequences may be engineered cult film crowd pleasers, they retain enough of his unselfconsciously ludicrous sensibility to feel authentically alien.