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Hi, I’m Rob Weychert, a designer and artist living in Brooklyn, NY.

I help shape the reading experience at ProPublica, a nonprofit newsroom dedicated to investigative journalism in the public interest, where I’m lucky to work with a lot of incredibly smart people. In the past, I’ve also helped make books for web designers and developers at A Book Apart, games for music-lovers at Harmonix, and websites for a wide variety of clients at Happy Cog. Most of my free time is spent beginning art projects I’ll never finish, obsessing over music and film, and occasionally winning air guitar competitions.

For best results, do not expose me to direct sunlight, bad metadata, or absent-minded pedestrians.

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CSS Grid is in many ways a dream come true, but there’s at least one basic thing it can’t do.

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Using personal data and crowdsourcing for film curation

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