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Q: Into the Storm

It seems to me that the most interesting aspect of the QAnon phenomenon is the extreme mass hysteria, and that therefore the most urgent question, by far, is “How are this many people this stupid?” This docuseries does not ask that question. What it does ask, over and over again, is “Who is Q?” And among the Trump era’s endless parade of grifters, opportunists, and self-satisfied keyboard warriors, I simply do not give a shit which one of them is Q, especially when answering that question apparently necessitates spending hours and hours marinating in the feud between the myopic creeps who operated 8chan, the internet’s favorite sewer. Getting to know those dipshits is the main thing Q: Into the Storm has to offer; otherwise, its questions about the limits of free speech are cursory at best, and for anyone who paid any attention when QAnon was happening, the series’ play-by-play on the growth of this stunningly idiotic movement isn’t much more than an overlong recap.