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Blog Archive

This is a collection of nearly everything I’ve written for public consumption since 2002. Posts come in many shapes and sizes: self-contained one-liners, lengthy essays, scattered status updates, film reviews, magazine articles, collected links, interviews, and more. Most posts originated on one of my own websites, but many were first published elsewhere. Whenever possible, each post includes a link to its original context. (Read about the thinking behind the archive here.) The archive’s 483 posts are browsable by topic, year, or source, or you can just dig into the latest.

Latest Posts

Links: January 2018

A simple Sass function for frame-based CSS animation

Meet Column Setter

We developed an open source tool for building custom responsive grids that work in older browsers.

That Was 2017

The highlights of what I took in and put out.

I, Tonya

Links: December 2017

Letterboxd Loose Ends 2017

Call Me by Your Name

Star Wars: The Last Jedi

The Disaster Artist