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Source Archive

The Pastry Box Project

12 Posts

The Loss of Matter

A rallying cry for our underserved senses.

~ 2 minute read

Obstruction by Design

We always talk about design getting out of the way, but does it ever make sense for design to get in the way?

~ 2 minute read

Inefficiency by Design

How my web site’s lack of a CMS has made me more prolific.

~ 3 minute read

Geico Geico Geico

Advertising’s grim hold on our digital economy.

~ 2 minute read


The audience-generated promise of Beck’s Song Reader.

~ 1 minute read

Cultural Cannibalism

Concerns about remix culture’s critical mass.

~ 1 minute read

Slow Motion Spectacle

Progress takes time.

~ 1 minute read

Make It Bigger

A rich life can be a complicated one.

~ 1 minute read

As Much Trouble as It’s Worth

A quick thought about design as sleight of hand.

~ 1 minute read

Self-Aware Statistics

Questioning the value of personal data.

~ 1 minute read

Calendar Living

The inner workings of my new time management system.

~ 1 minute read

Near and Far

Communication methods have changed, but the fundamentals remain the same.

~ 1 minute read