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Source Archive V5

The fifth version of this site launched on October 19, 2011, after nearly three years of inactivity. A lot had happened in the web design world during those three years, and V5 was the site’s first foray into responsive design and web fonts. On the content side of things, it established a clean slate, omitting all traces of previous versions, including the CMS. All posts and other updates were edited by hand in HTML and uploaded via FTP. Somehow, it never had a homepage. After awhile, I noticed I was doing more writing elsewhere on the web than on my own site, so I began to republish those writings here, which set the stage for the archive concept central to V6.

12 Posts


A eulogy for a friend.

~ 2 minute read


My third annual Halloween Misfits cover, along with some thoughts on nostalgia.

~ 2 minute read

A Dead Kennedys Primer

A playlist and introduction to the legendary Bay Area punk band.

~ 8 minute read


My second annual Halloween Misfits cover, including a treatise on what makes punk rock great.

~ 3 minute read

A Guide to Unexpected Loss

What to expect from your first week without a father.

~ 5 minute read


Dining with famous women while I sleep.

~ 1 minute read

A Year of Rdio

Insights from my first year as a member of a music subscription service.

~ 4 minute read

Art and Artifice

The why of art is more important than the how.

~ 3 minute read


Celebrating Halloween with my first Misfits cover.

~ 1 minute read

First Responder

Under the hood of my first foray into responsive web design.

~ 4 minute read

A Plea for Civility

An open letter hoping to resolve a dreamed altercation.

~ 2 minute read

Hello Again

Catching up on three years of silence: what I’ve been doing, what I haven’t been doing, and why I’m glad to be writing again.

~ 2 minute read