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Consider this: Simpsons Kwizzo. To a bunch of hardcore Simpsons trivia dorks, the prospect of just such a specialized Quizzo event was thrilling, and so last night my friends and I trekked across town to the Low Bar in South Philly, where Simpsons Kwizzo is held on Thursdays. The rules required our excessive numbers to split into two teams; after conjuring probably upwards of 50 potential Simpsons-related team names, we decided on Malk and Hamburger Milkshake. The game began promisingly enough, with questions of varied difficulty and obscurity, but each successive round focused more and more on newer (read: crappy) episodes, until the final bonus round dealt exclusively with the two episodes that had run in syndication earlier that evening. If that wasn’t enough, our host (“Flaming Jeff”) confused characters, worded questions vaguely, and even had an answer or two that was just plain incorrect (ahem, Chief Wiggum’s tie tack was never red). I know this is all supposed to be in good fun and everything, but if there is any concept so grand that mediocrity is simply unacceptable, it is certainly Simpsons Kwizzo. Nevertheless, with the hope that last night was just an off night, I plan to check it out again in the near future.