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My roommates and I have found a rather nice apartment in South Philadelphia. We signed the lease on Friday. We will move around the end of June.

Friday night was unusual, to be sure, finding my Conshohocken cohorts and me receptive to the idea of following our friend Stan (or “Jason,” as he prefers) to a hotel sports bar in King of Prussia to hang out with people none of us really knew. It turned out to be karaoke night, and imagine our delighted surprise upon the discovery of the greatest karaoke selection we had ever seen. I did my part with favorites from the Bee Gees, Danzig, Cab Calloway, REO Speedwagon, and Iron Maiden, while others tackled Roxette, Billy Idol, Muddy Waters, Night Ranger, and more. There is actually talk of there being a “next time.”

Saturday afternoon, I visited the wax museum known as The Matrix Reloaded, which consists of about 140 minutes of mind-numbingly banal discussions, tempered by some meandering, boneheaded philosophical waxings, and occasionally (and awkwardly) interrupted by fight sequences that look more like dance sequences.