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Sweet Home Chicago

Chicago, IL—Excluding Philadelphia and New York, I have spent more time in Chicago than any other city. Whether it’s the preponderance of outstanding architecture, the thriving art and music scenes, the general cleanliness and friendliness, or the fact that everyone I know here has an outspoken affection for their home, I always look forward to the next visit. Our Chicago hosts, my dear friends Lauren and John, barely bat an eyelash anymore when I show up at their door, since it happens so frequently. So the fact that I’ve already got a lot of Chicago experience under my belt—coupled with the fact that I’ll be back for a few days in October—diminished any pressure I might have felt to figure out a quintessential Chicago experience for this short visit. Instead, I opted for some quality time with friends.

It was a perfect day to do so, since most folks had been freed from professional responsibilities by the Memorial Day holiday but hadn’t bothered to make any other plans for their day off. The distinguished Sandy and Sarah Weisz invited a whole mess of people I’m always glad to see into their stunning home on the Northwest Side for some barbecued goodness and turbo-charged Wii action. These people know how to make a guy feel welcome.

A delectable Chinese birthday dinner for Lauren rounded out the day perfectly.

I’m always sad to leave Chicago, and tomorrow will be no exception, but as usual, I can be glad my time here was well-spent.