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6 for the Price of One

The 48 Hour Film Project was in Philadelphia the weekend of April 8–10, but due to a surplus of applicants, our team was not accepted this year. We decided to make a film anyway. Six films, actually.

Here’s how it happened: Six filmmakers each came up with a basic concept and the six concepts were thrown into a hat. We then each randomly drew a concept back out of the hat and developed it into a short (approximately one minute) film. All six films were shot with one crew over the course of two days, and were designed to segue into each other as one amorphous six-minute epic.

The final product is just as bewildering as we might have expected, if we had really bothered to think about it before doing it. Entitled 6, it opens with my contribution, which was inspired by the random concept I drew—“Musical Breakfast (Lasers Preferred)”—and a track from my friend Matt’s wicked power metal band Pharaoh. The subsequent thrill ride stumbles through a gnarled landscape of extreme close-ups, vampires, x-ray vision, sit-ups, and serial murder.

Do yourself a favor and make sure your fingernails are trimmed before you watch, lest you make your head bleed. Enjoy!