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Massive Attack and Mondays don’t mix. My eyelids weren’t giving gravity much of a fight this afternoon.

Last week’s lucky sneak preview was American Splendor, and it was great. An adaptation of the underground comic of the same name, it is an unassumingly unusual film, whose fusion of documentary and dramatization (both factual and fictional) is only occasionally seamless, but nevertheless assiduously works to marvelous effect. It falters here and there toward the end, as it slips in hints of character growth that the comic would probably eschew, but all is forgiven by the film’s bold, unprecedented structure. And it’s impossible to not be impressed by Paul Giamatti, who manages to convey a wide range of emotions with a single scowl.

Now, who knew this Mars Volta album was gonna be this complicated (if consequently sometimes unfocused) experiment in prog-punk psychedelia? I didn’t see that coming. I like it.