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My friends and fellow Kutztown alumni in the Table Collective opened a small exhibition with a variety of work in their co-op gallery in North Philly last night. My favorite piece was an untitled sound sculpture comprised of textures contributed by (I think) every artist in the show, which were mixed randomly through two channels. I believe the show will be up through next weekend, when a performance is scheduled for Friday night, but unfortunately I don’t have any more info at this time, since they seem to do a pretty lousy job of promoting their events. Keep an eye on their site; hopefully they’ll post some info about their next event before it happens. I also met Josh Rickenbaugh, another Kutztown grad, whose numerous drawings, paintings, and photographs can be seen over at Knewseen.

Tonight, I watched Far From Heaven and wasn’t particularly impressed. The lighting and color throughout were fantastic, the performances were generally solid, and the whole thing hinted at an interesting deconstruction of repressed ’50s Americana, but it never really went anywhere. I was glad when it was over.