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I have accepted a job in the design department at TLA Video. After nearly fifteen months of unemployment, getting paid to get out of the house will be lovely. And since I got the offer while in the midst of—and will be starting immediately following—a short-notice freelance gig, my excess of free time has vanished very suddenly, forcing me to adjust on the fly. I think this will be a good thing too. Since my duties will include work for the company’s Adult catalog, the effect this job will have on my portfolio remains to be seen, which my mother finds less humorous than I do.

The bad with the good: I just remembered that the Taken by Design exhibition that I missed while I was in Chicago last year has been at the Philadelphia Museum of Art for the last couple of months. Naturally, it closed yesterday.

Also, last night, during an impulse trip to Boston Market of all places, my car’s mileage rose above 66,666 miles and I forgot my camera. Dammit dammit dammit. Today’s date is (sort of) half the Number of the Beast, and I just had to have some chicken last night. Sheesh. I just know some mystical shit would’ve happened.