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I guess it’s been pretty quiet around here. In the last month: I braved the Philadelphia blizzard fallout to get to the sold-out Interpol show at Gasoline and was rewarded with a terrific performance. I caught the final two Andrew W.K. club dates of the year and even got kicked out of one of them (apparently the Chameleon Club in Lancaster has recently found reason not to tolerate members of the audience getting up on their stage). I saw Gangs of New York and forgave most of the superfluous Hollywood glitz for Daniel Day-Lewis, who was ssoooo awesome.

The holidays were way better than I thought they would be. Time spent with family and friends was great and I scored some good loot too. I did a small series of two-color screen-prints to give out as Christmas gifts. The images were based on pictures I had taken around Conshohocken earlier in the year. I forgot how enjoyable screen-printing can be; there’s something kind of cathartic about relinquishing precision to hand-cut paper and stencils that will never produce the same result twice. The remaining prints will be posted for sale on this site soon.

Our New Year’s party had a somewhat disappointing turnout considering the monstrous guest list, but I don’t think that stopped anyone from having a good time. I think there’ll be pictures and video posted somewhere online soon. There’s a lot of leftover beer, so drop by if you feel like getting your drink on.

Yesterday my roommates and I drove up to a community center in Northeast Philly to rock out as extras in a Trauma Queens video shoot. Free food plus cute girls equals good day.

What to expect from ROb in the new year: Version 3 of this site. Version 2 of the BREDSTIK Entertainment site. Version 1 of a new collaborative site that should be going public in the next two weeks or so. A big, fat, fucking moustache. A move to Chicago…?