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Philadelphia: City of Brotherly Rock

US Air Guitar first came to Philadelphia in 2008. It was my first air guitar competition and I approached it with the expectation that it would also be my last – it didn’t occur to me that this was something anyone did more than once. I was disabused of that notion by the many wonderful weirdos I met in the green room before the show, some of whom had been traveling up and down the coast from competition to competition, trying to secure a victory in any city they could. I had entered into this thing frivolously, but the thought of a non-native winning and going on to represent Philadelphia on the national stage irked me. It gave my performance unexpected purpose, which ultimately led to my victory. Six years and four regional titles later, I am one of those repeat air guitar offenders whose existence initially surprised me, a part of a pretty great family of bizarre rock and roll outlaws scattered across the country.

I’ve greatly enjoyed these last few years as an ambassador for the City of Brotherly Love, but it’s time for Philadelphia to get some more skin in the game, and the new USAG competition structure makes it possible for us to have more representation than ever before. So I’m thrilled to announce that the 2014 US Air Guitar Philadelphia Qualifier will take place on Saturday, July 19th at Johnny Brenda’s, hosted by the second-ranked air guitarist in the world, Doug “The Thunder” Stroock. To ensure that Philly is repped by only the finest air guitarists, I’ll be taking a seat at the judges’ table, where I’ll be joined by legendary Dead Milkmen drummer Dean Clean and “Karaoke Gong Show” host extraordinaire (and scourge of Eternia), Skeletor. Under our watchful eyes, the top three competitors will advance to the Mid-Atlantic Semifinal in Washington, DC on July 26th.

Do you want to hear about it later, or do you want to be there to see it for yourself? If you’re in Philly on July 19th, you owe it to yourself and your city to strap on your air guitar and join us!

2014 US Air Guitar Philadelphia Qualifier

  • Saturday, July 19th, 2014
  • Doors: 8:00
  • Show: 9:00
  • Johnny Brenda’s
    1201 N. Frankford Ave
    Philadelphia, PA 19125

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