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What a year this turned out to be.

Shortly after the year began, my time with the amazing team at Happy Cog ended. It was the best thing for all concerned, even if my lack of an exit strategy left me without direction. My comfort zone was toxic, so really, any direction would do.

I set out to get healthy, physically and mentally. I got my finances in order. I drove 9,400 miles around the country. I spoke to a few conference audiences about design. I participated in some story slams. I played competitive air guitar on stages on both coasts, and fulfilled a ten-year dream by writing about it for Fray.

Presidential candidates were decided, followed by vice presidential candidates, followed by an economic collapse.

Earlier this month, in the space of one week, Philadelphia’s streets were twice spontaneously crowded with rejoicing citizens. The Phillies ended the city’s quarter-century athletic championship drought, preceding an historic presidential election which gave us an inspiring new leader who inherits some truly monumental challenges. On both occasions, traffic was blocked by acres of smiles.

And during that week—one of the most joyous, unified Philadelphia weeks I’ve had the pleasure of witnessing—I made perhaps the most difficult, bittersweet decision of my life: I accepted a job in Boston, where I’ll be helping to design user-friendly interfaces for Harmonix, creator of such beloved games as Guitar Hero and Rock Band.

Philadelphia has been good to me, and I’m leaving behind more wonderful people than I like to think about: friends, family, and Leah, my favorite person. As confident as I am that the most important relationships will endure, and that Boston and Harmonix will have much to offer, this will be a big challenge, and I’m as excited as I am nervous. Whatever happens, I think it’s safe to say this is a time in my life I will always remember.

Some friends and I will be gathering at Tattooed Mom’s on the evening of Black Friday, November 28th. Feel free to add yourself to the event page. If you’re in Philly, I hope you’ll stop by so I can say goodbye.