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Consumption: February 2007

On the Web

  • The Jerry Springer Episode Debacle: The Lost Film Fest’s Scott Beibin tells the full, outrageous story of faking his way onto the Springer show, complete with clips from the episode.
  • swfIR: A new standards-friendly, whiz-bang image replacement technique that harnesses the power of Flash.
  • Great (Chalk) Album Covers: Coudal Partners’ and 37 Signals’ bathroom chalkboard is put to very good use.
  • Looking to Cash in on a Punk Rock Youth: Apparently there is a new market for old, forgotten punk demos, and labels are scrambling to find and release them.
  • Haikus are easy but…: Request a reprint of the medium guys tee so I can get one of these!
  • Parting the Red Sea: For my File Magazine debut, I didn’t even have to take a photo.
  • Happy Cog Redesign: The result of much bubble, bubble, toil, and trouble is now live! See what Jeffrey, Stan, and Dan have to say about the process.

In the Stereo

In Print

  • [Lamb: The Gospel According to Biff, Christ’s Childhood Pal]( by Christopher Moore