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Consumption: July 2006

On the Web

  • The Fall Guy: An action shot of one of my several failed attempts to mount a tallbike. (Eventually, I succeeded.)
  • FreeJack: All of the Flash source files from the current season of the animated Canadian series “Odd Job Jack” are being made available to the public. Wow!
  • A Way to Set the Limit of Font Scaling in One Dimension: An excellent demonstration of why non-uniform type scaling is a bad idea.
  • Transformers = Propaganda: “(The military) are looking at this … for the recruiting factor, because this hits an age range … from the forty-year-olds to the young kids. And I put the military in a very good light, and I make them heroic and strong,” says director Michael Bay.
  • Redesign: Strongbad shows us how to bring a logo up-to-date.
  • American Hardcore: The History of American Punk Rock 1980–1986.

In the Stereo

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