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Consumption: February 2006

On the Web

  • Microsoft Designs the iPod Package: This amusing little video demonstrates perfectly why designers typically prefer Apple.
  • Metal: A Headbanger’s Journey: An insider’s anthropological documentary examination of the much-maligned musical subculture.
  • Dev2.0: Band-sanctioned, kid-friendly versions of Devo classics on Walt Disney Records. I don’t know whether to laugh or cry.
  • Lotte Klaver: A beautiful watercolor sketch blog from Amsterdam.
  • Netdisaster: Wreak harmless havoc on the web site of your choice. A neat idea, even if the execution is generally not so great.
  • Dead-Eye Dick: The Daily Show’s report on Dick Cheney’s recent hunting mishap.
  • The Hall of Best Knowledge: Charming, Gorey-esque hand-drawn typography.
  • United Airlines Dragon Commercial: A gorgeous, hand-made animated TV spot. Don’t miss the Making Of video!
  • Two Dudes: The genesis of a new, animated Rob & Stan adventure!

In the Stereo

In Print