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I’m redesigning this site in public! Follow the process step by step at

In Search Of...

What’s that, you say? You’re an awesome, standards-based web designer with a bulging skillset and are looking for work in Philadelphia? Look no further than this, our recent Craigslist posting:

Pixelworthy in Philadelphia has a ton of work to do and is seeking very specific types of individuals—individuals who are first and foremost designers—people with a passion for the aesthetic and can execute attractive, user-centered design for business. We are not seeking programmers who dabble in design.

  • You must have an online portfolio of work. You must be familiar with people like Jakob Nielson, Jeffrey Zeldman, Eric Meyer, Jason Santa Maria and other heavy hitters. You must also understand the principles of Information Architecture and be able to put together meaningful site maps, page description diagrams and wireframes. You must fully understand and embrace Web Standards, by golly.
  • You must live in the Philadelphia area and be able to get to Center City without chronic problems.
  • You must have a combination of strong Information Architecture, XHTML, CSS and PHP abilities as well as mad graphic design skills (yes, a tall order—we know). You will be asked to follow our design process to design/redesign highly professional Web sites for our clients. The ideal candidate will be hardworking, with a willingness to learn and will understand the importance of user experience and brand consistency.
  • You have to be able to hit the ground running!

So, do you fit the bill? If so, please contact us and we’ll get down to business.