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Interpol and The Raveonettes played the Troc last night. I was quite pleasantly surprised by the feedback-drenched Raveonettes, who sounded kind of like a garage-y Jesus & Mary Chain. I think I shall purchase their record. Interpol turned in another stoic performance devoid of spectacle, which is not to say I did not enjoy it. I admit my attention wandered at times (I often wondered, for example, how bored the superfluous keyboard player must be night after night), but certain songs of theirs are so much more affecting live than on record (“Obstacle 1,” “The New,” and “Specialist,” to name a few) that they snap the show back into focus and remind me why I’m there: because this band is truly magnificent. In a weird arena-rock twist ending to the night, I took home the bass pick after it hit me right between the eyes.

Now get out of here and go see my good friend Jason Santa Maria’s new personal site, which I absent-mindedly forgot to mention yesterday when it went live. He spent lots of time designing and building it and it shows, so get cracking.