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I’m redesigning this site in public! Follow the process step by step at

Busy, busy week. We have updated the BREDSTIK site for the first time in almost a year, with Flash goodies and more from Pete Dalkner, Matt Sutter, and the mysterious Stet Villchicko. If that weren’t enough, the collaborative site I have been referring to cryptically for the last few months is finally live. Since we couldn’t agree on what the site should be, we just split the screen four ways and everyone stays on their side of the lines. We call it Quadruped.

Also, I finally got around to seeing Adaptation on Sunday and it was a phenomenal triumph of failure. That can’t possibly make sense to anyone that hasn’t seen it, but to say more would give too much away. Just go see it and be amazed. Best film of 2002? Possibly.