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Ireland: Day 7

We struck out north from the midlands on what would be our last full day in Ireland. First stop: Clonmacnoise, still more monastic ruins. The addition of a Visitor’s Center to a location of this sort has a tendency to rob it of much of its ambience, and Clonmacnoise was no exception. A little walk-through museum with excessive information about the craftmanship found in the area’s many, many stone crosses was enough to bore me even before I found my way outside to the main attraction, but it was interesting enough, and I got some decent pictures out of it.

Back on the road, southwest this time, towards the Cliffs of Moher. Driving along Galway Bay and through an area near the west shore called The Burren proved quite pleasant, with a great view of the prettiest countryside we saw all week. Ironically, this was the only day on our trip that had any rain.

The Cliffs of Moher were amazing. I wanted very much to venture out towards the edge but found myself terrified even looking at the people who were already out there, a slight imbalance away from plummeting hundreds of feet into what appeared to be some very unforgiving water. I stuck to the path and, like a sucker, paid €2.00 to get a barely better view from the top of a three-story tower at one of the cliffs’ highest points.

Our last night was spent in Bunratty again. The proprietor of our final Irish B&B had two really cute dogs, one of whom had only three legs.

Stuck in my head: Cornelius – “Point of View Point”