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Ireland: Day 5

Much of today consisted of the adventure that was finding our way out of Dublin and onto a solid route southwest to Roscrea. On the way out of the city we stopped at the James Joyce Tower and Museum, which was filled with original printed editions of his books, letters, articles, personal belongings, etc. I found it funny that the museum itself addressed the absurdity in naming the tower after Joyce, since he lived there a month before being forcibly ejected. Not being as well-read on Joyce as I’d like, the museum inspired me to attack Ulysses this summer.

Most of the rest of the day was spent on the road, though we didn’t really have very far to travel. We got to our scheduled B&B just outside Roscrea around 4:30 or so. This is one of those rare residences where I can tell the owner, quite sincerely, “You have a lovely home.” The decor isn’t especially my cup of tea, but I have to appreciate the time, expense, thought and effort that clearly went into this place, both in terms of architecture and interior decoration.

Dinner was at a bar down the road called Racket Hall. The football match (or soccer game, as we call it) was on the big screen, reminding me how I wish the sport was more accessible in the States. Stupid Americans and their crappy sports.

Stuck in my head: Matt Pond PA – “Canadian Song”