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Detroit is interesting in a ghost town kind of way. About half of the city’s buildings are vacant. And aside from business hours, there is virtually no activity. Weird. None of this stops the place from having some sweet bookstores, though, and looking through those took up much of the day. I also got to check out a nifty arcade in the ’burbs called Marvin’s Mechanical Museum, which had a ton of weird antique coin-op machines in addition to some newer, bloodier arcade titles.

The evening was occupied by a show at a little DIY gallery/showspace called Detroit Contemporary. I don’t get into so much hardcore stuff these days, so I don’t have any glowing reviews to share, but the overall friendliness of the scene is always appealing, so I met lots of nice people wearing t-shirts adorned with band names that sound like Steven Seagal movie titles.

Wednesday will see me return to PA.